Heatherette finally


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After my counter's shipment being lost,Heatherette finally came in(most of the products,anyway)I got:Trio 1 and Trio 2,lollipop loving ls,hollywood nights ls,melrose mood ls,starlet kiss lg,sock hop lg,the pop blue pencil,pink pearl pig.and the 2 nail lacquers.REALLY love it,except my counter did not get and will not be getting at all the 2 bps and the other 2 lgs and also the glitters
.Oh well at least I was able to get all my other beautiful stuff!!


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Wow, nice haul! Shame about the BP! I am really excited about Alpha Girl but heyho! You got lots of nice stuff!

How are you finding the eye pencils you bought?



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Heyyy,I love
the dual edge pencil the black funk is really creamy and the pop blue side is bright,glittery and the perfect teal....ALL of Heatherette is amazing!!

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