Hello again!


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Hi I'm Holly! Long time member (Though I was inactive from 2009 til now!). I am a makeup artist, and have been one for about 5 years now (I joined this site when I still dreamed about becoming a makeup artist!). I went to Blanche MacDonald and took their full time makeup artistry program in 2009. Since then, I competed in the IMATS Toronto Battle of the Brushes competition in 2010 in the prosthetics catagory, have worked on countless fashion shows, independant films, weddings photoshoots, etc. I currently am working with on a local talk show with Shaw TV called "The Rush", and am also on my way into becoming a member of my local IATSE 891 (Currently waiting for my interview to have official permittee status).

I'm really excited to be back on here! I forgot about how awesome it is! I am makeup obsessed for sure, and can't wait to share and discuss my favorite things with everyone! :)


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Welcome back, Holly!

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