Hello everyone! :)


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And greetings from Helsinki, Finland! I too have been lurking here for awhile but then decided to join as Specktra.net seems to have the coolest and nicest people posting.

I have always loved makeup, but ever since I got into Mac it really became something very important to me. Makeup makes me happy, simple as that. Only thing sad is that I know nobody that is this crazy about makeup. I feel a little stupid when raving about a new Mac collection to my friends to whom makeup is some boring thing they "have to do" every morning. So when I read your writings here, I feel I'm in the right place.

Besides makeup I'm into piercings, tattoos and visual arts. I'm an art student (focusing on oil painting and drawing) and I hope to be an art teacher some day. I'm also a dressmaker, although I'm much more into painting. When I was younger, I went to a makeup-art school, but in the end, didn't finish it.

Well, I look forward getting to know you all and sharing some thoughts about the lovely world of makeup!

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