Hello from Miami, FL


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Hi there...my name is Giselle and I live in Miami, FL. I am currently a MAC freelancer...I was a full-time MAC MA at a counter for over a year, but left to spend more time at home with my kids. If I had a clone, I would have been able to do both!! I enjoyed my time at the counter, learned A LOT (I was certified and had the long MAC chain after 3 months there!) and love to share my knowledge with the customers...that's the best part of the job (ok..the gratis was nice too!)

I miss my girls, but decided that freelancing would be a better way for me to balance my life AND stay in the MAC loop...I look forward to "talking shop" with all of you!


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Hi Giselle and welcome to Specktra!

I'm sure you'll have as much fun here as we have everyday!

^x^ Linda

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