Hello from the Mediterranian Sea


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I am a long time lurker who finally found her courage to sing up.

I wasn't into make up at all until a few years ago when, I can't remember why, I became fascinated by the endless possibilities. I started wearing "safe" colours and today I am a lover of bold lips and winged eyeliner is a staple! I am also a brush lover, I have a small collection from different brands (from cheap to expensive) though I have yet to dip my toes into the Japanese brands. And I want to, oh how I want to, but the whole forwarding services / mailing seems like big time headache inducing!

As for make up brands, where I live we are quite limited as for physical stores. We have a few shops with the traditional brands that sell anything from cosmetics to make up (Chanel, Dior, Lancome, ...) and we are also lucky to have a MAC store, a KIKO store and a MakeUp Store store... and yeah, they know me by name in all of them!!

Anyway, in the past I have enjoyed checking the reviews, swatches and discussions, so I hope I will do so much more now that I can participate!

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