Hello from Toronto! :D

[o l i v i a]

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Hey everyone! I'm Olivia (as you can probably tell by my user name) and though I wish I could call myself a MAC addict, I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to makeup since I've only started experimenting 3 years ago. I first heard of Specktra from a youtube beauty guru and a friend, and after lurking around Specktra for a while, I've finally decided to join.

I'm hoping to learn more about makeup on Specktra as well as purchase more MAC products (and attend a MAC Warehouse Sale one day!) as I prepare to go to university next year. Currently, my favourite products are MAC are lip products and face products.

Nice to meet you all and I hope to see you around!


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Hi Olivia, welcome to the addiction!

I'm also pretty new to MAC, so you're not alone.

I hope you have lots of fun.


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Hi Olivia.

Don't worry.. it won't take you long to claim the title addict. LOL

Have fun. :]


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Always nice to see another Canadian/Torontonian!

You'll eventually get sucked in even more...give it some time

...like a month :p