Hello hello hello :)


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Hello ladies and gents of Specktra land.

My name is Cori and I'm finally introducing my lurky-butt to everyone. I've been hanging around for a good four months reading posts and looking at the beautiful FOTDs.

I'm pretty new to MAC and make-up in general (aside from my heavy black eye make-up from seventh grade to junior year, eek.) And in a bit of a financial crunch to buy more. It's depressing, but I'll be out of it soon.

I'm from East TN, where there is no MAC free-standing (or even a Sephora or an Ulta), just the counters, but that all I can handle.

Anyway. Can't wait to get around to talking to all of you


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welcome, cori! i did the heavy black liner thing for a loooong time, too hahaha.

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