Hello Ladies, It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans


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"The Green Room is smokin" and the Plaza burnin' down;
Throw the baby out the window let those joints burn down,
OHH because it's Carnival Time
Yeah it's Carnival Time-
Oh well it's Carnival time and everybody's having fun!

Sooo life had gotten really weird here; I went and bought a lot of pretty paints at the sparkly MAC store in Baton Rouge. It felt good! Now...


I could use some education on playing with my toys, that's why I'm here. I did a stint at the Lancome counter in the '80's and that was fun! DH Holmes on Canal Street in New Orleans sold a lot of makeup to drag Queens and, ahem, exotic dancers of all stripes. They taught me cool make up tricks, none of which apply anymore. Then I spent ten years barefaced in black clothes in the academic cloister of famous fine arts schools. Then I had five feet of water...
I want to wear blue veluxe pearl eye colors with metallic eyeliner, dammit! I can paint just fine in Dazzleglass. I love Dazzleglass. Life is better under a fat coat of Dazzleglass. Love Alert and Rags to Riches are still the best.
and I can put lipstick on perfectly with out a mirror. Yes, I'll do it with Russian Red LOL

Happy Mardi Gras, Ladies,


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OMG!!! I totally remember the DH Holmes on Canal and in the 80's as well. Somethings just can't be replaced.. Welcome to the Specktra!

Get your ticket in your hand
If you wanna go through New Orleans
Get your ticket in your hand
If you wanna go through New Orleans
You know when you get to New Orleans
Somebody'll show you the Zulu King

Can't wait to get back for Mardi Gras!!!! The days are counting down.. Lafayette here I come!