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Well, I have been visiting this site for about six months now, so I decided that it was about time I post a "hello" and "thank you" to all of you.
You have all helped my MAC collection grow from a mere five eye shadows, four lipsticks, six lipglasses and my trusty old studio fix foundation to well over 100 eye shadows, 22 lipsticks, 28 lipglasses and lustreglasses, several blushes and MSF, almost every single fluidline there is, eight eye khols and four powerpoint liners, as well as brushes and things that I never thought I would need, much less use! I used to be able to store ALL of my make-up in a little bag, and now, it is beginning to take over a whole shelf in my rather large bathroom closet. Without all of you, I would have never known how much fun make-up can be.
So, THANK YOU Specktra and all it's members who post FOTD's, swatches, and feedback/ideas. You are all great!


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Hi and welcome to Specktra!


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