help getting started on YouTube


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So im trying to get started on YouTube.
I just had some basic questions, like:
-Do you use your camera or a webcam to record videos?
-what programs do you use to edit them for time and text and intros etc.

if anyone can give me some help and tips i would GREATLY appreciate it!!!



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Hi there. I use my webcam for vlog type videos, and I use my digicam for filming events or other types of segments. I use windows media player to edit my videos, add titles etc, but it's a royal pain in the ass.

If you like, you can check out my videos here:
YouTube - breechan's Channel

As for advice - So many vidoes have poor lighting. It's surprising how much you need to make things clearly visible. Natural sunlight on your face is best. You may also need to use a halogen lamp, etc.

Also, make the video titles as clear as possible. This is a deal-breaker as to whether people will watch your video or not.

Lastly, in terms of privacy. Be careful about what you put out there. It's best not to put anything too identifying about yourself, such as your address, your license place number, street name etc. These things sometimes pop up in people videos in the background or whatever. You have to be concious of these things.

Good luck

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