Help: gold eye makeup ideas


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Hey folks, I'd posted this right before the forums were hacked...

Tomorrow I'll be doing a photoshoot and I want to focus on gold colors/tones. I made a bikini out of small gold chain link (so that everything that needs to be covered will be!), and I'm wanting to do very dramatic bold gold eye makeup, but I've never done anything with gold...any looks or ideas? I appriciate it, thanks!



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Id suggest golden lemon pigment...But I dont really have any ideas as far as looks go...brain dead lately.
Also sephora sells a black & gold glitter mascara thats really pretty..HTH!


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You can try Goldmine e/s with really dramatic red lips, and fake lashes, think monroe, with the gold edge to it, hope this helps!!


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melon and goldmine with nylon or ricepaper as a highlight.

go heavy with eyeliner and false lashes

gold lips...bronze shimmer is beautiful!

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