Help Me Choose a Lipstick to Go with these Products?


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Hi Everybody :)

Let's imagine I was going to make a look using primarily "Follow Your Fancy" pigment (from Stylishly Yours) and "Dalliance" (from Peacocky) eyeshadow for the eyes... Which lipstick and blush from MAC's perm line would you suggest using?

Just to fill ya in on why.. I had chosen these two items to use in giveaways I'm going to eventually do but then I wanted to put the two together towards one giveaway and then it kind of evolved and now I want to do a "complete look" sort of thing so any recommendations for either the lipstick, the blush or both would be really helpful!


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Hmm.. I'm thinking Drive Me Wild l/s and maybe something like Pinch o' Peach blush? I don't own many blushes at all so I'm pretty useless on that front, but I really love DMW and I think it would be gorgeous with the rustiness of Follow Your Fancy! Something warm, sheer and peachy/beigey would be nice, though :)

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