Help me choose a neutral eye look.


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I need some help in choosing some MAC e/s for a neutral eye, I have a budget and can only afford 4 just now. I am a complete novice too!!!
I am NC25/30 with olive eyes, dark blue undereye circles, dark blonde hair and I also get quite a few blemlishes.
My complexion tends to always need warming up.
What I am looking for is a polished look, I already have lots of shimmery eye shadows and some shades I can throw together in minutes oh and that I can wear say to the supermarket in the day and then out in the evening.
MAC shadows I already own and wear more than others:

Bronze, Romp, Amber Lights, Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive, Tempting, Symmetry, Femme Noir, Carbon, Milani Luminous.
Pigments: Goldenaire, Coco, Golden Olive, Green Brown, Old Gold.

I already own Satin Taupe, I find this hard to work with, does nothing for me and looks a little too dark and dull, it made my eyes look bruised. I find it difficult to carry off red tones, pink/peach however really suits me.
Aso blues/purples make me look like the living dead.

At the moment I am thinking Naked Lunch, All That Glitters
Am not sure about Patina, Woodwinked, Jest.
Any suggestions would be wonderful


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Hmmm, what about shroom to use as a browbone highlight, i LOVE jest and then a slightly darker brown in the crease?


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I had the same problem with satin taupe, it made me look like I had a black eye...
As far as creating a neutral look goes, some of the must have neutral colors in my collection are

naked lunch [or jest, pick one or the other, you definitely dont need both], shroom,
phloof is a great neutral highlight [lighter then naked lunch],

and then if you were thinking of pairing it with some kind of a rich brown [because like you said, satin taupe was dull], I would suggest
or twinks. They are all colors I use on a daily basis, especially when creating neutral looks. Hope this helps

Also, the two browns I just mentioned go well with Woodwinked, which is one of my all time fav colors.


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I love Naked Lunch and Shroon paired with Sumptuous Olive in the crease and outer V.


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Jest, Woodwinked, Expensive Pink, Moth Brown (LE)

Those are my fav for a neutral eye look to wear to work, or for daytime.


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All That Glitters + Woodwinked look BEAUTIFUL together. I just wear A.T.G all over my lid + Woodwinked in crease and Nylon or Shroom to highlight. If you don't want a frosty highlight, then don't go with Nylon, as it's a frost e/s. Shroom may be better for a neutral look.

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