Help me fill gaps in my collection...? :( Face and brows.


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I have a fairly oily skin type with quite a few visible pores. Also very pale so need something which isn't too heavy/cakey.

I have 1 translucent powder, 1 liquid foundation, 1 green corrector and a quad of 4 diff toned concealers.
I also only have 2 blushers, both in very bright pinks.

As for eyebrows, I *think* I need some sort of clear brow mascara but I don't have a clue other than that! I need to darken and pull hairs into line.

What would you reccomend I get to resolve this?
I don't have have a MAC in distance, but I have Boots, Superdrugs and Debenhams.
I plan to spend around £100 doing some boosting.


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As far as clear mascara/brow set goes, they are all the same. Get the cheapest one you can find and it will do exactly the same as a brand name one.


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covergirl makes a clear mascara that you can use as brow gel that sells for about $4USD.

as far as face stuff, it sounds like you have similar skin to mine. i actually quit wearing foundation and feel 100% better since my skin looks 100% better now that i've stopped. but, for those few times when i do use it, i use bare minerals and it seems to work pretty well. it doesn't look cakey at all and it covers large pores pretty well as in it doesn't seem to sink in as much as most foundations do.

for blushers, i really like baby pinks like mac well dressed and dusty pinks like mac mocha. i know you don't have a mac close to you, but there's no way you'll be disappointed in's flattering on all skintones imo.
a bronzer might be nice as well, i really like too faced pink leopard and chocolate soliel. OH! and benefit coralista, also very nice.