Help me get the perfect nude lip


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i was wondering if any of yall could recommend what to use to get the perfect nude lip.......i have tried myth and fleshpot, but still those are not what I'm looking for


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YSL just came out with some new lipsticks called Rouge Volupte.. I just ordered Nude Beige from Sephora's F&F Sale. Try googling "Rouge Volupte Swatches", I found out about Nude Beige by googling it for swatches and it looks gorgeous

hopefully you like it! I'm crossing my fingers too. If you want MAC, you could try Hue or Hug Me? Or a nice lip lacquer that I like is Chelsea Girls by NARS.


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I like myth but I wanted something a little more "nude" not pink. I saw a MAC MA wearing Fresh Brew with Luminary lipgloss and that's my signature nude lip now!!


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^^Let us know how it turns out!! I don't know how I forgot about that lippie when I was at mac last weekend!!

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