Help me spin a free bonus with GWP presale!


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Ok, yesterday at work, my manager and I found a whole box of leg bronzer that was leftover from an older summer GWP. So, she gave me full license (cleared by the manufacturer, of course) to use these to amp up my presale numbers.

Does anyone have any creative ideas on how I might do this effectively without 1) looking desperate 2) wasting product 3) making people mad


I could give it with any presale over $100 as an INSTANT bonus?? Or, use it during my cold calls, if they presale over the phone, I will put it on hold for them and they can pop in and pick it up?

What do you think?? Any ideas? I hate to just say "Hey, if you presale with me today, I'll give you a bottle of leg bronzer" and I only have 40 bottles, so I really want to use them well...

Eagerly anticipating your ideas!


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I say give it with any presale over $100 as an additional piece of the bonus gift- then you just package it with the presale and bonus and they get it when they pick everything up.