Help me with pricing please! pirouette, dainty cake etc

Hey guys,
I am relatively new to MAC but I am considering swapping some things I have. So can anyone help me figure out what things I have are worth so I can figure out what's a fair swap?

Monarch lipstick (tested once with clean brush. no box)
Dainty cake lipstick (as above)
Pirouette lipstick (as above)

I also have a couple of the old style screw top jars of eyeshadow. unused but no box. are these desirable at all? they are pretty old right? i just didnt know if anyone would want them still

Thanks so much in advance,
Kate x


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Not one to know much about lippies,.. but many of us that have graduated to "collecting" are looking for the old screw top eyeshadows. Depending on the colors they are worth a bit more. Check the Want Ads in the clearance bin section once you have enough posts to see it. I think I paid $20 for my Poise shadow in a screwtop and was happy about it. Many will work with you on price, you can ask that they make you an offer as well,.. (FYI- Judy Blue, Pretty Twisted, a the Chroma colors are up there in price quite significantly.) Would help if you listed the eyeshadows you have.
Thanks so much that's helpful. Any idea how many posts I need before I can see the clearance bin? Im sure it must spell it out somewhere obvious but im not sure! Thanks again

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