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Does anyone know of any olive-toned colour correctors (liquid or cream) that can be mixed with foundation to make them match really olive/green skin better? I'm thinking like a medium-dark, warm, muddy green colour. I have worked with a lot of very green clients recently, and while i love the colour of their skin, no foundation i've used can match it at all. Yellow-toned foundations are too yellow/orange, and the pink ones are not even worth talking about. Even my beloved Cinema Secrets palettes have no match, even after mixing. I've tried several of the typical green correctors, but they're a cool, minty green, I want a more rich, golden green.

My solution to date has been using a matte, rich yellow eyeshadow(powder) and a Physician's Formula Green Mosaic corrector powder mixed, and applied over the foundation where i get a good match, but too much powder makes skin too powdery, and I want to correct the issue at the source and I'm convinced there is a way to do it. Also, coloured powders as a top layer tend to show up a lot more on film, boo them!

Any help you guys could give would be much appreciated, thanks!


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MUFE has a good corrector that can be mixed or used as a primer. Smashbox has a primer in Olive, peach, or lavender. I have very yellow olive skin and I use lavender to cancel some of that. If you want to embrace your oliveness, NARS Budapest is a great olive foundation for medium skins.


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any new additions to this forum? I've recently been told I have olive undertones and matched to a c8 in mac studio fix powder. MUFE, NARS (I wear macao), Chanel, etc... I am in between every color! too ashy or too dark. revlon caramel (oily) is off in if you can.

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