help on achieving the look of different fashion-looks!


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hiho! :)
i have collected a few pictures from the net and tumblr, and i would love to recreate some of those looks! (im a make up artist, and actually do have quite alot of products, but with these looks im just stuck) :D
can anyone help me? I would like you to see these 5 pictures and i would really love some help finding and using the right products. :) any help is appreciated! (even if you can only help with one of them)
thank you in advance

1) i dont know what eyeshadow this can be or how i could achieve this popping turquiose colour (maybe by mixing something)? i tried, but i never get this popping beautiful color that doesnt look to bright but as i said, pops at the same time) (even paired with the black and grey, thats i did)
2)help with all colours... or is it just one colour?!?! this is soooo beautiful! (except for the brown)
3)i wonder if this is a cream (and which one) because i could never achieve such a look with powder or pigment
4)hooooow can i achieve this metallic shine on every colour!?!?! is it only possible with special products, and if yes, then with which ones? HELP! (this one interests me most)
5)i need help getting this stained lips effect. i did it sooooo often, but i NEVER got it to have this very soft and blended effect between the dark and the light. especially inside... has anyone ever made a tutorial on this?

THAAAANK you for any help! :) cant wait for your answers!!! :)



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1) You can achieve this with a highly-pigmented eyeshadow. (I think Sugarpill makes a similar colour to that turquoise.) You can use a normal primer underneath and/or something like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk underneath to give it more vibrancy. A cream eyeshadow will also work (think MUFE Aqua Creams.) 2) It looks like two colours on the lid to me, but I'm not 100% sure. The brown in the crease is just used to blend out the harsh lines. You could always use a matte shade close to your own skintone to do the same thing. 3) Yes, you can use powder eyeshadow or pigment to do that. You just need a really good base underneath. 4) Metallic liquid eyeliners will do the trick. (I think the MUFE Aqua Liners are metallic.) 5) Lisa Eldridge recently did a tutorial on four ways to wear one lipstick. One of those ways was to use it as a lipstain. You simply apply the l/s to your lips using your ring finger instead of doing so with a brush or directly from the tube. Here's the full tutorial...