Help with bangs


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help girls! what can i do? hairstlyist whom i adore, she;s great but i have told her many atimes i would lie kto grow out my bangs till they reach a little past my nose, but every six weeks i get a trim and thier goes my bang lengtth thier right back to where my eyebrows start! i try to put them to the side (which is what i origanlly always do) but thier short so its harder to do!! any help please on how i could break it down to her once and for all or is the trim she gives them nessacary?


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This deserves its own post so I split it for you. I would simply tell her to leave the bangs for one cut. Don't use the word trim. Just tell her to clean up the ends and leave all the length. Be firm with her, and just tell her that you don't like the length the bangs are, and you would be more comfortable with them longer so you could do more with them. Good luck. It is so frustrating when they don't get it.

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