Help with buying Opi on ebay


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Okay so shoot me I brought a few bits on ebay, I am broke right now and its coming up to my 20th Birthday, so...yeah!
Anyway I found a ebay seller who sells nail polish for $.99 so I was all on board, I got one of her opi nail polishes the other day, to test run so to speak, it wasnt old and it was really good, the shipping was pricey but not to bad.

So I brought 6 Opi polishes off her, she lives in USA and I am shipping them to my guy in the USA, she is charging me $35.94 for shipping.....Am I being crazy or is that a far to much??

I kinda want to email her asking for a flat rate for shipping, but I dont want to sound rude. I think she even states she tries to make up for selling opi at a low price by adding money on to shipping, which I thought was against ebay regulations, and no on seems to of caught it.
She seems like a nice girl and I just dont want to offend.
This is what she had on her page...

'After YOU PAY SHIPPING FOR 4 bottles, Any additional bottles (ANY COMBINATION) will receive a HUGE discount in SHIPPING:
US - $2 off shipping per bottle - Your cost around $5.50 + / per bottle incl. shipping"
However my purchases were all .99 for each bottle of opi...Meh confused and no food in me right now.
I know I should of got them at one of the suppliers, but I wanted some rare colours...Sooo please help?


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I think I bought OPI and China Glaze from the same seller too. The text you quoted sounds familiar so as the prices for the nailpolishes and shipping.

Here OPI is hard to get and so expensive that I paid with shipping 7+ dollars for one nailpolish.
I think that too that she uses the 99 cents to catch people and gets the money with the shipping costs. Which is against the ebay rules yes.

I was so happy to get them cheaper than here that I was kinda ok with that. I've bought five nailpolishes at once and I got a little (little!) discount on the fifth bottle.


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it is crazy and it does not seem fair.. however it does equal to $5.99 a bottle which is still a good price (i live in the USA and don't always find them that cheap..) so it really is your call.


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IMO that is waaaay too much! Sounds extortionate!

I had to read your post again because I thought you were getting them shipped over here for that price......where is the HUGE shipping discount?

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Hey! Have you contacted the seller? I sell on eBay and sometimes eBay screws up the shipping discount on the automated invoice that is sent to customers. If you haven't already, I would contact the seller and ask about the shipping discount.


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The seller knows that she is making a profit on the shipping (Against ebay rules and regulations). I have emailed the seller and recieved no response. I wrote a email to EbayUK asking for some assistance, even though its in the USA because for me thats just silly, she said she would give me a bigger discount since i brought more, but nothing has happened yet.
I may just pay the girl and not buy from her again!


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Hm do you really want to buy from a seller who flouts ebay rules? I wouldn't trust this seller at all, tbh. There's a sticky in this forum for reputable online retailers for nailpolish, that's where I order OPI etc and it's still inexpensive...


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Same here, I have to use paypal because I use my solo card, nowhere seems to accept it.