Help with developer for at home coloring...


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Hi everyone!
So recently my mom asked if I would fix her roots since her salon now charges through the roof prices and I told her i would. I know how to apply it and everything but my quesiton is what type of developer should I buy? From what I have been reading I should get 20 vol. developer but idk what brand. Should I get pure white or is that just for lightening hair? im confused

Heres some additional info:
I plan on buying at Sallys
I will use Miss Clairol dye
My mom has gray at the top we need to cover and we will be dying her hair a dark brown shade (roots only)

Thanks a bunch!​


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i always used this stuff when i was dying my hair dark brown. i think you'll get the best colour deposit with a cream developer, and they're much easier (imho) to work with than liquid developers.


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I'd just ask someone who works at Sally's. The girls who have helped me before are pretty knowledgeable. Is Miss Clairol a dye you can buy at Sally's? If so, it should say on the back of the box what you need as far as the developer.


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thanks ok yeah I was thinking 20 vol. but wasn't sure
yeah miss clairol is available there I never even thought to check that haha