Help with EBay authenticity


Hi Specktra!

For years I have lamented not owning any of the Venomous villains collection and finally decided to just shell out for the Briar Rose beauty powder (maybe lipsticks too, but I want to try them on at Mac first because I'm pretty sure they're permanent)

anyway, I don't want to buy anything fake obviously. I figured I would probably be pretty safe with 100% rated sellers, when the products have Nordstrom or Macy's stickers on them in the photos but perhaps I'm naive. One thing is that the powder colour looks sooo different in different product listings. Maybe that's just lighting but it's giving me further stress haha. There are about 5 for sale at the moment. Unless anywhere other than eBay is worth checking out... Anyway, help would be well appreciated! ----not sure if they ship to Canada yet but looks pretty good to me? ---- ships to Canada!


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I dont have this particular item so I cant help with that however, I bought an item from a 100% ebay seller that was fake. She even faked a sephora receipt! Luckily I could tell when I had it in hand and returned it right away. Good luck!!


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They both look real but I don't know why one wouldn't show the back of the compact. I suspect there are fake Barbie compacts so they may be faking VV too. The one that shows the back has the same batch number code as my Briar Rose in the same print in the same place. I just looked at some of my compacts and some are stamped with no ink, some black ink, some white ink, some at the top of the label, some on the bottom. My VV Briar Rose matches the one with the back label pic.