Help with ebay seller that sold me fake e/s


I am new to MAC....just this summer and I bought 3 eyeshadows from this seller on ebay back in August and received them late August - early Sept. I bought Mulch, Noturnelle and Satellite Dreams and had no reason to suspect they were fake. I'd read a short guide on ebay about the fakes and appeared at that time the only info then was that the fakes had the mirror in the compact along with the sponge applicator. The ones she was selling didnt and she had 4000+ feedback so I thought everything was fine. Well I finally got 6 pots to empty so I could take them B2M 2 weeks ago and when I was in the store looking at e/s to chose for my freebie and saw a pretty brown. When I picked it up and turned it over I saw it said Mulch. I was perplexed because it didnt look like mine at home. The Mulch I got from the ebayer was matte and this defintely wasnts so I got the Mulch at the MAC store and immediately compared the two when I got home.

Here's the difference. Ebay one on left...MAC on right

Well then upon further reading and thanks to the sticky here I found out about the other markings on the plastic pan that holds the metal e/s which I hadnt completed depotting of and sure enough all of the 3 e/s were stamped "15" with the 4 circles sunken in and spaced further in then the MAC

I sent the ebayer a polite message telling her of my discovery and her reply basically was "oh well" and that her auctions says 100% authentic and her supplier is reputable. She wasnt going to offer me a refund since I no longer had the original packaging and that with so many fakes floating out there on ebay there was bound to be fakes ones sometimes mixed in with the real
. I put a complaint into paypal and they actually decided in my favor but I must return the e/s in the original compacts. Well I gave those B2MAC two weeks ago and no longer have them so I was wondering if anyone would happen to have 3 of the fakes ones they would like to send me. I'd pay for the shipping of course and something for the containers if need be.

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.


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