Help with Kid e/s!


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In a sort of compulsory buying mania on Ebay I bought the kid e/s... I like it, it's neutral, but I can't find a good combo. Which any other e/s or pigment should I use with? Thanks


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I have Kid from one of the older palettes and I love it the same as Softbrown. I use this combo: Shroom all over lids up to browbone, Kid on crease and blended up closer to browbone, some shimmery darker brown color like Mothbrown or Twinks on crease and outer V. If you want you can darken crease more with espresso or a dark dark brown matte/satin color. I use both shimmery and matte dark brown e/s used on the crease to line lower lids. Line upper lids with blitz n glitz f/l and waterline and tightline with brown or black pencil.


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Try kid with whichever highlight you like, put Kid in the crease and Blackberry in the deep crease and outter corner, you can even add a little Carbon to the Blackberry. On the lid you can either leave it with whichever base you used (Bare Canvas paint would be nice) or put that highlight color there, or something lighter like Brule, Vanilla etc.
Basically Kid would look great applied to your crease with a fluffy blenind brush like a 217 or 224