Help with MAC Lipstick Collection (for an NW15-20 gal)


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I've been getting into lipsticks lately, and I'd like any recommendations on what to get - LE or not! I am NW15 in winter, NW20 in summer. My hair is ashy blonde which I brighten a little and my eyes are light grey blue.

I don't like drying lippies or anything too bright/dark or too pale either (I had Creme Cup, Creme d'Nude, Blankety and Cute-ster - all too pale and the last one too peach, and Modesty was too brown and Shy Girl too orangy peach). I have to buy online so it gets hard to pick just the right ones.

The Lustre formula *might* be my favourite, and I'm looking to buy MLBB colours and I'm thinking about getting Syrup and Way to Love first... Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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I'm a brunette NC20 and Hug Me is lovely! For a brighter lip color, I also like Milan Mode.


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Viva Glam V lipstick and lipglass - you can't go wrong with either of these, IMHO.

Others worth checking out - Sophisto, Lame, Hug Me, Cream in Your Coffee.

Madly Creative from the current Colour Craft LE collection is also worth checking out. Gorgeous.

I am NW20, BTW.


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You might not like Way To Love if you arent into peachy colours - its supposed to be pink, but it was very peachy on me as well.... Creme In Your Coffee is similar to Modesty, I have them both and rarely use either.
Syrup is a nice choice, its a slightly medium darker pink and its not blue based either, VGV is a super neutral pink pretty much good for almost everyone. A Rose Romance is a REALLY pretty pink - I wa surprised by how much I liked it. Ahoy There from Naughty Nauticals was also super pretty

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Syrup is one of my favourite lipsticks. I have hug me, but I don't find it to be pink enough. I also love Plink. It's a light pink, but it's not too light.


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Pervette and Fabby are two of my favorite lighter colors...and I just checked out Faux this w/e when I was at my's a really pretty mild pink. GL!


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Hi hun, I am about your same skin tone (I am NW25) and hair color with blue eyes. I really like High Tea as an everday neutral l/s. I also just got Pretty Please and its a gorgeous light pink. Viva Glam V is a great one too for lighter warm skintones. I stay away from anything orange/coralish because it just looks horrible on me so I totally know what you mean about some of those you mentioned

Good luck! If you need swatches of some of them, let me know


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Update time: I have bought Miss Marble (although not a lipstick, hehe, just a very pretty muted pink), Syrup and Patisserie and I'm planning on getting Hold the Pose and Nude Rose, once those come out. I also plan on checking out Viva Glam V whenever I'm travelling to ensure the profits go to the right place.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions!
You can keep them coming if you think of any others, a girl can never have too many lippies...


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How did you like Syrup and Patisserie? I am glad you started this thread beacuse I have been searching for more l/s that suit my skintone also


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Originally Posted by chickatthegym
How did you like Syrup and Patisserie? I am glad you started this thread beacuse I have been searching for more l/s that suit my skintone also

Oh they haven't arrived yet, but I'll let you know once they do
I love MAC for making so many shades, there's something for everyone!


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Great ideas.. I like Cosmo, Patisserie, and Viva Glam V. My favorite ls tend to be Lustre and Amplified Creme.


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See if you can get Laugh A Lot from the Spring Colour Forecast. It's a luster, and a very beautifull nude muted pink. It's sort of a slightly more pink version of Modesty.


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hue is lovely and other than the eyes you have similar colouring to me

i also love pervette,show orchid (bright!!) saint germain, blooming lovely (all mac)

also snob and victorian


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-viva glam 2 & 5
-3n lipstick (discontinue)
-Boy bait
-Partial to pink
-Ysl No.1 nude beige
-Nars Barbella
-Vincent Longo Pure demure


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Thank you again everybody! Another update, if it helps someone:

I've found I love the Cremesheen formula, it has better staying power than Lustre, it's not drying (I do use lip balm under them) and it makes my lips look a bit fuller. I have Creme Cup, Speed Dial, Fanfare and I'm getting Ever Hip and maybe All Styled Up from In The Groove. I've also found that the most flattering colours for me are the ones that add a bit colour to my lips, not ones that take it away.

Katjamo, I actually think Laugh A Lot is a gorgeous colour, but it is a Lustre. Lustres are actually not as good for me even though they are balm-like, but they disappear so quickly I find that my lips dry more in the process (Slimshines were even worse for me in that respect), if that makes sense to anyone
I might make an exception for Plink! if i can still get my hands on it, as it's being discontinued. It looks like a very nice light nudey pink. They should make a Cremesheen in that colour! Hue looks nice but it's a Glaze, I've not tired the formula but I've read that it's drying.

These are the MAC lipsticks I've tried and what was "wrong" with them for me:


Amplified Creme:
Blankety - too beige/grey

Shy Girl - too orange
Creme d'Nude - too light
Modesty - too brown

Politely Pink - too frosty/light/grey
Lovelorn - too bright/blue
Syrup - too purple/dark
High Tea - too beige/frosty/light
Hug Me - too brown
Viva Glam VI SE - too dark/bright/blue

LE (all Lustres):
Hold the Pose - too dark/brown
Patisserie - too brown
Nude Rose - not pink enough
Cute-Ster - too peach/light

Ones I considered but decided not to get based on my experiences with similar shades or formula issues: Cosmo, Fast Play, Half N Half, Hot Gossip, Creme in Your Coffee, Sandy B, Angel, Lustering, Sweetie, Jubilee, Midimauve, Viva Glam V, Brave and Faux.

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