Help with my prom look?


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I've got this super fabulous dress, and I'm clueless about the makeup to wear with it.
I'm not sure if I want a neutral or bright look yet, so suggestions for either would be wonderful!

Here's my dress:




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I really like the idea of a neutral eye look with winged liner + lipstick to match the pink in your dress too!

Simply Elegant

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If you want bright pink lipstick, it'll be high maintenancefor retouching so I don't know if you'll want that.

I'd go with yogourt, sketch, black tied and phloof! for the eyes, something like blonde MSF and dame for blush and blankety and oyster girl for lips.


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Ooh, that sounds cute too. I'll have to play with both looks and see which I prefer. I definitely need to make a trip to the MAC counter. <3

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