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Just got all the goodies. I really, really LOVE everything!!!

The brushes are soft and so beautiful. The kabuki is very soft and thick. The blushes are soft and beautiful. I was really worried about Rose Tan in the pan but it's a pale soft bronze on. My favorite blush is Rose Plume, but they are all very pretty on. I still have to try on the balms.
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When I saw the shades I thought they were great and ordered on the first day. I got Rose Apricot today which looked a lot more orange on their website than it is to my eye, so that was disappointing.
I still have Rose tan coming so hoping that is more the color I was expecting.
But for the amount they cost I'm not really impressed. It's probably because I don't really have a feel for the brand itself, but also because I feel like the images of the shades are really off. I guess I was expecting more.


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If anyone is considering the nail polishes, I have to say I really like them. Most regular manicures fail me after two or three days. These polishes last on me 5 days, almost a week before I see slight wear. Did my toes and they look great after a week Long Beach vacation. Usually only a gel manicure lasts on me, but I’m glad I have this option now. The gel manicures always make my natural nails too thin after all the filing. This polish let’s my natural thinner nails not be filed excessively. Just be warned, the lighter color was disappointing, it wasn’t opaque enough. But all the darker colors I tried have been very nice to apply.

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