Hey cat lovers.


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What do you think of this product??


"Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Paws are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your cat's claws. This amazing product effectively covers the claws so no damage occurs when your cat scratches."

You replace them once a month or as needed and come in a variety of colors, I think they are sort of neat for a variety of reasons. One of them being it would be cute to switch up the cat's nail color periodically. You can even get a red/greeen colored one! Christmas Paws!!


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cute!! i don't have a cat, but wow, that's cute. that's something i'd definitely give my cat if i had one


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Eh, I have 5 cats & personally wouldn't put those on any of them.
Also, if any of you let your cats outside, those soft paw things are NOT good. They can't defend themselves.

Of course soft paws are better then disgusting delawing, but still.. not for my kitties & me.

Not to be mean, but I doubt cats give a crap what color their nails are. . . Basically soft paws are a more humane choice then declawing.. not just "for fun"..


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haha at first I thought someone painted that color on the cat! But I agree with Mrs Waves. I dont think my cat cares if she got some cute colors on her paws she wouldnt even know and wouldnt care haha. Just as long as they work to scratch her head and neck.


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It's a great idea, but no way in hell would my kitty go for those. He's so bloody smart he'd figure out a way to rip them off. However, it's MUCH better than declawing. My cat loves the outdoors too much, so they're probably better for an indoor cat? Mine doesn't scratch things up too bad anyway.


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after my kitten learned how to kick my malamute in the face with her back claws, we decided to get all 4 feet declawed. there's no way she'd still be in the house with claws, she's smart enough she would rip those covers off. but i guess that's what we get for taking in a wild kitten...poor thing was so sick though when we got her, and now she turns out to be the meanest thing on earth.


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As a few have mentioned DO NOT put these on an outdoor cat. Cats who spend ANY amount of time outdoors what-so-ever use their claws as their only defense.

They are the humane alternative to declawing, because of the way a cats claws shed, these things basically just fall off naturaly as the cat sheds a layer of the claw off, then you put a new one on. They are not a "for fun" product (which someone had also mentioned), these are for cats that like to scratch or tear up curtians or whatever...This is basically a hit or miss product. Some cats acclimate to them very quickly and they are on their way...other cats hate them and will pick and chew at them until they all come off.


They rock, but(ro)

be sure to check his nails regularly. If they aren't falling off as the nail grows, you may need to cut them off. We've had some that will grow right into the paw pad. They usually do just fall right off though as the nail grows.

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