Heyy ! =]


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HAHA! But yeah..I actually got into it about 4-5 years ago and then kinda lost track of the make up trend (busy with school, no time for make up lol). But I kinda started buying MAC make up again and I bought LOADSSSS of them when this guy started giving me deals. So I basically buy chunks of MA C make up, use them or sell the rest that I dont really like. SOOO BASICALLY..

I own and USED to own everything MAC has to offer LMAO! Except LE ones


P.S. I'm Asian..and I find it so hard putting on eye make up because I basically dont have lids lol..=P I dunno mayeb its me but sometimes it just doesnt come out the way I want it to! : (


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Hello! I'm new too. Welcome! I'm Jacquelyn and I love MAC too! I try not to buy any MAC since I have more packages coming next week and I recieved 5 today and I love them! I love ordering MAC online and at Ebay sometimes.

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