Hi there!


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Hello all!
I'm relatively new to makeup and I've learned A LOT by lurking on the forums. I figured I should stop being so creepy and start contributing! I'm Lianne, I'll be 22 in a few days, and I have a mac collection that is growing by the minute!

I'm really glad to have found a place to share my cosmetics-excitement. You know when you buy something new and wonderful and you just have to tell someone? At first my friends & family were understanding, but now their reactions are more along the lines of "you bought makeup AGAIN?!" and "so why exactly are you so excited about an eyeshadow?".

So yes, I think Specktra is the place for me.


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so happy to have you here! :)


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Welcome to Specktra, makeup addicts anonymous :) Here you'll have lots of like-minded people

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