Hilly's MAC Class FOTD


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So, I know some of what was used, as far as shades regarding concealer, etc. She will have to comment on that, b/c I don't know.

Here is what I do know, the artist did not use any base on her eyelids other than concealer with the 217 brush. He used Fake lashes, but unsure which ones and he used the Sculpt Foundation, but she will need to tell you the shade.

Studio Sculpt SPF Foundation
Studio Tech Powder (I believe)

Concealer as base
Vanilla on entire lid
Kid in crease
Blacktrack Fluidline
Plushlash mascara
Lashes (looked like # 2 ?)

Almost positive it is Euro beat Dazzleglass. All she had on was Dazzleglass.

Anyway, I wanted to post this b/c she looked so pretty and I hope she updates with what all was used. She looked so natural, yet glamorous. It was gorgeous!!




She so nastay:



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Wow thanks for posting this Danelle,

Hilly - you look stunning. This is such a beautiful eye look. I love your defined creases, you have such an awesome eye shape.


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This is fabulous! Is there bronzer in there too?

Love the look. And love that last photo!


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ooh i love this one! this is definitely going in my inspiration folder. i've been putting off buying kid but i'm convinced now! thanks danelle!


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She looks gorgeous! I love the defined crease, and how everything is low-key but she looks fab still! The lashes really open up her eyes