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So does anyone on this forum have hip piercings?
I really want to get it done sometime in the summer, but there isn't a heck of a lot of information about it online.
I'm just checking here in case anyone has first hand knowledge.
So I'm already aware that they're surface piercings, therefore there's a high risk of rejection and nasty scars. But i'd like more insight on the healing process, how much it costs on average... things like that.

Hip piercing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See how there isn't much info even on Wikipedia...errr

Another piercing I'd like to get is my tongue, but there's already an abundance of info on it. Still if you'd like to share your experience or knowledge on this piercing i wouldn't mind.

Some people would probably wonder why i'd even bother, but i rly love the way they look and they can be easily hidden. i have my septum pierced and it can be flipped up if I'm in a more conservative setting which is nice. Basically i like the outrageous, but subtle piercings (oxymoron anyone LOL).

Okay, well if anyone can give me more information it would be greatly appreciated

Here's link to good pic showing dumb kiki kannibal with the hip piercing. LMAO
Rugg4d Fii3rc3 Photo - Buzznet
I wanted something like that, but I have a penchant for high-waisted jeans that could make it reject quicker. There are a lot of stories on bmezine about hip piercings though and it seems the general consensus is to make sure you find a piercer who specializes in surface piercings.


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Definitely check out BME: Body Modification Ezine - The biggest and best online bod-mod site since 1994

You should be able to find LOTS of info there, as well as stories and stuff from people who had had them done.

And also I would really suggest microdermal anchors. They are much less likely to reject and if they do then you would have a much smaller scar than from a surface bar. But for sure check out BME, or just go to some piercing shops and ask questions! Hope this helps, have fun and post pics of whatever you get!


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Yea, i looked on BMEzine. Naturally it was the first place i went, but I didn't find much of anything...maybe i was looking in the wrong spot. thanks tho


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I just have to mention this....

I clicked on the link for that Kiki girl....and i was like "Whoa, I have those underwear...wait a second!" *looks down pants* I'm wearing the same undies that she has!


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Originally Posted by pumpkincat210
Eeep! Never heard of this piercing. Wouldn't your clothing rub it alot and it would be uncomfortable?

Yeah that's what I was thinking, ouch!!

About tonngue piercings, you should be able to find more info about this since it's quite a common one. I have had my tongue pierced for over 10 years. It did hurt a bit when I got it pierced but it was very fast, just go to a good piercing place. My piercer spent about 20 minutes beforehand talking to me about the procedure, after-care, etc. so it was a good overall experience. It will swell up the days after and it's a bit painful, hard to speak and you have to eat liquid foods because it's hard to chew and hurts. But about 5 days or so after with propper care, the swelling will go down and you will replace the bigger barbel for a shorter one, so it doesn't get in the way.

I barely notice now that I have it in, it doesn't cause any speech impediment with me because I got it far enough back.


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I was just about to suggest BME too...

Another take on ti -you could try dermal anchors instead, in the same placement, they're reputedly easier and more likely to heal.
Just my 2p


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Oh wow! I've never seen this before, but it's gorgeous! I have no valuable input here, but I love it and think you should do it.


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I agree with AmberLillith, perhaps dermal anchors are something to look into, as they are less likely to reject. I also imagine as they are a little smaller they are less likely to get caught on clothing and what not. They might be more expensive though? And not as easily available.

As for experiences, my friend had hers done - they took a while to heal, one rejected quite spectacularly pretty soon after she had them done. As for cost, they didn't cost much to get done, but we are in the UK so its probably considerably different where you are ^_^


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Microdermals all the way, but if you have a piercer who knows what he's doing, piercings works too. Surface piercings can do really well aslong as you have someone that's experienced taking them.

Some pictures for you!


Surface piercings

I like the placement in the last picture but I like the "clean" look of the microdermals, if that makes any sense. In the end it's up to you what you like the most, just remember that piercings are more of a gamble.


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I think if I just wandered around in a bikini or underwear all day, this would make more sense. As it is, I would be very worried about jeans or other pants rubbing against them, increasing likelihood of rejection. On the plus side, I think they are really attractive. Good luck making your decision!


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why do you want this done? no offence i mean you might be into it.. but what if it gets infected or some shit like that? it looks painful


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I think from the looks of them they are impractical. You wouldn't be able to wear normal pants for awhile and even after that i'd think it would be awkward. I wouldn't do it because i'd be afraid of infection to close to my stomach area that might go into the bloodstream or something like that.


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I have had a similar piercing, called a pubic bar. This is is right after it was done.


I would reccomend you get it done by a piercer you REALLY trust and you know does a proffesional job. I got mine done by my regular piercer, who i trusted and it still got screwed up. I only had it in for about 2 weeks, it turned out the piercer pierced it to deep into my skin, so when it started to swell, the beads started to pull into my skin, causeing alot of pain (by the day it came to take them out, one bead was barely even visable cause my skin started to go around it) i ended up having to get it taken out and now im left with some nasty scars. Did i love the peircing tho, YES!!!! it was gorgeous, and i was planning to get it redone, but have sence decided to actually get the hip piercings your interested in now instead. As for people reccomending to get microdermels, they do not reject as bad, but they are permanet piercings (to get them taken out you need to have surgery) so if there is any problems with them, it would probably be not a fun process.

Also be sure when you get them that your piercer uses a bar like this.

if they use a straight bar, there is a WAY higher chance of it being rejected.

oh and as for the clean look of the microdermals that someone mentioned, if you mean by the ball/bead size, you can get flat surface beads as well that would look quite similar


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If you are thinking about doing this, I really, really do think that you should put a lot of time into thinking about this. On top of that, microdermals are probably a much better bet as the consensus is that they heal more easily and are less prone to irritation. I was considering a cleavage bar and ever seems to feel that more success is to be had with the microdermals. However, like Sushi said, they do have to be surgically removed.

However, there is that risk with ANY surface piercing if it becomes severely enough infected. Be sure you know what you're getting into with this, because either way it is a serious commitment.


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There's only a 2% rejection rate with microdermals. AND, they come in different shapes, likes bolts and stars..


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Originally Posted by pumpkincat210
Eeep! Never heard of this piercing. Wouldn't your clothing rub it alot and it would be uncomfortable?

Yea, thats why i want to get it done in the summer so i can wear loose or short tops.


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the pics on here look really cool. if you want it go for it.
how lame is it that when i saw "Hip" i was thinking of the makeup line. i'm still in makeup mode. lqtm

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