Holly <3's Barbie loves MAC!


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Oh man, when I got to the freestand store in the mall practically EVERYTHING was gone. Half of the eyeshadows, both beauty powders. So I went to the Bay and luckily their counter had everything. (I like their employees more anyhow

I ended up getting:

Moth Brown e/s (Beauuutiful)
Springtime Skipper e/s (SO much better than the Allure picture, my HG green)
Playful e/s
Magic Dust e/s
Real Doll l/s
Sweet & Single l/s
Sweetness lipglass
Pearl Blossom beauty powder
Don't Be Shy blush
Shimpagne MSF
Brush Cleaner
A new 15 pan pallete

Comes to a total of...


my biggest haul yet

ooh and i also got a barbie foldout, they almost had none left


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Originally Posted by charismaticlime
The Bay has the Barbie collection up? I thought only the counters got it on the 13th and the Bay got it at the 15th :confused:

Nope, they always have it up the same day as the freestand store here. (Could be because both stores are in the same mall or something, n those are the only MACs in Edmonton)