horrible nite at work - cramping like crazy - pretty scary


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i work full time at an office and part time on weekends at a restaurant. i worked yesterday at the restaurant, and the only put on 2 servers on sundays. to cover the ENTIRE restaurant. no bartender, no door person. that all falls on the 2 servers, me being one of them. i have complained about this in the past, that it is way too much work for 2 people to handle, but since the other server is an owner, i didn't get too far!

so on thursday, i found out that there was going to be a party of 20 in on sunday as well as the rest of the restaurant. i asked my boss (who is also my cousin) if we can put on another server. of course, he says no. it saves them money to not have too many people working. so i was prepared to get slammed.

so i get in at 5pm and immediately i have a table of 7. which is fine. but then 4 more tables came in at the same time and i had to take them all. nice. so needless to say, i wasn't the best server for my tables. it's really really hard to give good service when you don't have the time for them. so i end up getting b!tched at by customers, because i make them wait. which isn't my fault! i can only do so much, you know?

most of my tables were very understanding, and i'm sure that my pregnant belly helped with the sympathy! but then the cramping started. right when i was at my busiest, i could barely walk cuz of the pain in my gut. it was REALLY f-ing scary! i was crying at work, trying to do the job of about 4 people and i am 5 mths pregnant. just not fair!! so i decided i'm going to go in and talk to them to tell them that i am not working sundays anymore. i called my OB and they said that if i am cramping, it could cause pre-term labour. if i go into labour right now, my son will die. and i am not willing to put my kid's life in danger for $20!! that's right - i barely make any money when i work on sundays. i give crappy service, i get crappy tips. and it's so not my fault!!

then, i get home, and nothing is done around the house. so after working all nite, and still cramping, i have more sh!t to do at home. i pretty much bawled all nite!

whew, thank god that day is over. i'm going in tomorrow to talk to them. they are going to have to get someone else for sundays, or at least put another person on to help.

OOHHHH!! on the upside, i feel him kicking around in there like crazy! i started to feel him on thursday. so cool. he must have been as wired as i was last nite cuz he kept me up all nite! lol but i was happy that i could feel him, no matter what time it was. at least he's ok.

and i'm done ranting!! LOL


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Wow. That REALLY sucks.
I hope everything's okay hon.


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i just quit my job at a restraunt for almost the same reason, and im not preganant or anything so i can only imagine how you feel! it sucks what some restraunts will do to save money, its like people arent going to come back if they get crappy service so wtf? haha


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Oh wow, you have to really take it easy these days hun. Risking your baby's life isn't worth it! Just be careful and try not to strain alot, not to mention feel stressed or sad casue your baby feels everything you feel. I'm sure everything will turn out ok for you, just stay positive!

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