Horrible shininess with Studio Sculpt foundation?


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I apply Studio Sculpt foundation after primer and always set with a powder, but after an 8 hour workday in air conditioning-my face has turned into the worst oil slick ever!! It looks horrible, shiny, and plastic. Has anyone else found that this happens when they use SS? And have any recs for foundations that stay matte throughout the day (minimal to no touchups).

Princesa Livia

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Studio Sculpt looks great in pictures but I don't think its meant to be a long-wear foundation. For that purpose, the best I've found was MAC Pro Longwear Foundation or even the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer used as a foundation to give the most long-lasting results. These last me through long 13h shifts and at this point I see some level of patchiness but not before the 8th hour. I definitely recommend the pro longwear range for heavy duty foundations.


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Studio sculpt is a hydrating foundation so if your oily it'll definitely turn you into an oil slick. I really like matchmaster. It lasts all day and is matte

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