How accurate is this?


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Charts for respective characteristics of different ethnicities (say 3x fast) (Asian) (African and Pacific Aboriginal, dont ask me why they grouped them together
) (European and Middle Eastern)

So I looked under "Japanese" to see what I'm "supposed" to look like according to my Asian side, and was dissapointed. My face is totally flat, and doesn't protrude like the drawing. The male members of my family don't have that "pretty boy" look with the delicate monolid, narrow face and small mouth. Then thinking "What a bunch of crap" I scrolled to the right and came face to face with Dad, the Ainu man (Northern Japanese aboriginal). The full-length drawing REALLY cracks me up- there's the hairy stereotype once again. As Okinawans, we're more closely related to the Ainu than the modern Japanese of different prefectures. The descriptions hit home- round eyes, wide cheekbones, hairy, short, stocky. Give us some tweezers and high heels, and we look pretty glamorous, actually.

Mom is more complicated, being Irish, English, Danish, and French. According to this, the Irish in me is responsible for my face freckling too easily, although according to beauty articles, people of Asian descent tend to be prone to sun spots. Does this mean my skin is done for? And lookie here: mom got her calves and passed them down to me because of the horrific Fat French Calves gene. Somehow, this gene skipped my sister and my legs got all the love. Nothing here really jumps out at me as distinctly relative though.


And uh, if you're easily offended, don't click on the African link


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it's interesting, and I can definitely see the resemblance IRL for people from the regions listed.


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Links don't work for me either..same thing; access denied. I'd like to see them...can you tell us where in the site to go look??



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sorry. i was gone for a while. now i can see the link. i looked at the african part ( since i am a 100% from western africa). It is funny but the description is exactly what you would have found in an old cartoon. i didn't recognize myself in that nor other people that i know who are also not mixed. then again i don't know when this study was done since people's physical characteristic change with time. maybe people looked like that years ago. then again i was told i looked like my great grandmother, whom i happened to be named after.

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For the Asians:
-Most Asian women I know have wide or long feet. I have short, wide feet.
-My face is oval-shaped (I fall under the mongoloid category) and my mouth is a normal size with full lips. The same goes with a bunch of my friends. They're heart, long, or oval-shaped in face.

The guide is based upon stereotypical looking people, but I don't find the guide was done in ignorance or to be assy.

There are some truths to this, but the problem with a lot of these are most people are not "pure." I'm Korean, for instance, but there's a good chance I'm mixed with other Asian, because Korea was often occupied by other countries; I also believe this because I've been mistaken enough for being part Japanese. I know Indians who fully identify as Indian but know somewhere along the line there's some Arab blood in the family (something to do with family names.) I'm sure invasions, occupations, etc. of other places have also blurred the lines of identity.


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im a mix of pakistani/african there isnt really anything to show what south asian ppl shud look like lol!


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i looked at the middle eastern section and it's sooo off. i mean just look at the locations levantine includes palestine, syria, and jordan along with lebanon. and they list druz and maronites as if they are a seperate race when they are in fact different religions and really have nothing to do with how u look. like some other people have said, this seems to be more sterotypical then actual fact.


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I def don't look like any of those. I'm white, Japanese and Black. You can't even tell what I am in real life, not sure about that thing.

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