How did you come up with your nickname?


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It comes from the first song that Queen (the band) ever recorded under that name, titled Mad The Swine. That was my handle way back when I was at high school in the mid to late 90s, and it got shortened to madswine when I was at college. I had a brief stint playing Counter Strike when I was at university and you had to have letters and numbers in your handle, so I used the 1337 letter a. I've stuck with it ever since.


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Well my name is Kim but when I was in highschool I use to watch the Hills a lot and it was a girl name Jenbunny on there, so kimbunney just kind of stuck.


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dying for you is a mest song :] people don't really call me it or anything haha it's just something that i usually join under because it flows~ nice. that or karilove which is my first name + love lol.


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Mine iseasy and very unorginal, my first name with the initial of my second name and my year of birth, beginning to wish i left out the year of birth now, seemed like a good idea at the time lol.


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At that time, babylard was a nickname that my high school bf called me. (now an ex) it has kind of stuck on me since. lol

glammy girl

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My name is actually the name of a company on a reality show but I loved it so much, I had to make it mine. Also, I don't wanna grow up so I like the girl part lol :)


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mine is boring too :) Just a short and lazy version of my name.My full name is really long and complicated and has a lot of short versions of it but this is the easiest one, especially for English people :)


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Mine is Spruce It Up which is the name of my favorite glade holiday candle. I was looking at it thinking how I wish I got more and decided to name myself that!


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angel- being a good spirit/person with a little hit of spice- adding character because lets face it, being good sometimes gets boring.


Why did this thread die out? I'm gonna be a bad mod and necro this since name entymology can be interesting, granted mine isn't...

Went to play some game online, don't remember which, my usual handle (Vyse) was taken. I happened to be reading the Wheel of Time books at the time, tried Saidin, taken, combined it with Saidar to get Saidir. Been using it ever since.


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In high school, an old friend of mine gave me the nick name Kay Cake which is perfect name for my initial, its K.C; I have been using Kay Cake as my name over the internet ever since then instead of using my real name. From 2010 I kind of, went crazy for Nicki Minaj, I was very obsessed with her, and at the time the whole "wanna minaj" thing was going around so I gave myself the name "Cake Wanna Minaj".


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Purple is my signature color. To be honest I love it so much that it's the sole thing that attracted me to Urban Decay when I stepped in a Sephora for the first time. The "417" stands for the day my bf and I decided to go "steady" lol.


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My name is Amber, but most friends and family call me Amby lol 79 is my birth year. Boring, but cute Damnit lol


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Mosha is a pet name in Spanish. My family and friends used to call me "Hermosa" for a while lol means beautiful. And at some point it got baby talked into mosha... 010 are my lucky numbers# 1 and #10.... My dad always used to say be number 1, be the best.... Needless to say I'm an only child and grew up with an ego lol

Dolly Snow

Dolly snow.......dolly is a nickname from my best friends kids. They call me dollface, shortened to dolly now. Snow came from the fact I love all things snowy and snowflakes.