How do you find a hair that suits you?


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Hello! So I'm not too educated on hair styles, the past few years I've chopped my hair into a pixie cut hair style in order to avoid dealing with it, counting it's so thick. However, I've been wanting to find a new hair style to fit my face.

There was this lady who was around my age who looked pretty average to me, nothing too much to bat an eye at. She had long brown hair and I didn't think much of it. However she recently got a haircut where she cut it and dyed it and she ended up looking like a model to me - I was stunned on how much hair could change your entire appearance. I've never actually once though that hair did anything like that until I saw it before my two eyes. She changed in one day and it was pretty amazing.

However, I'm unsure how I would find a hair color and style to match me. Is there any place where I could study such a thing? Or should I go around to salons and ask for their advice?