How Do You Protect Yourself from Crime?


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So I live in a dorm on campus at my university, and to be honest it is one of the safest places to live in town. But lately there has been a lot of non-student crime. Naturally there is always the drunk student who decides that they need to destroy an exit sign or vandalize something, but that used to be about the furthest extent of crime. Already this semester there has been a creeper trying to get into dorm buildings and last week there were three attempted rapes over at a nearby bridge that leads up to the dorm area at night.

What I am really angry about is that the housing office either doesn't tell students what is going on, or they do a week or two after it has happened! They don't want people to think that it is unsafe to live there, because then nobody would live there! Since when is money more important than the safety of your tenants?

Now don't get me wrong; the buildings are about as safe as it gets! You have to swipe your ID card to get into the building and all of the doors to rooms lock behind you (they superglued the locks) so that no one can get it without a key. There are also police patrolling campus 24/7 and emergency calling poles located every 100 yards or so.

The problem is that I just don't feel that safe anymore, especially since the housing office wants to keep crime happenings on the dl. I weigh about 100lbs; if someone were to attack me I honestly don't stand much of a chance. What do you ladies use to protect yourselves?

I have pepper spray, but considering that I would have to dig it out of my purse; turn the little top and spray, I don't think that I would have it out in time. I also don't travel alone ever much less at night. We are allowed to have concealed weapons on campus and in the dorms as long as you have the correct paperwork and permits, but I am not old enough to obtain a permit yet. What do you ladies think that I should do?
Oh, and I do plan to talk to the housing office about why they don't tell us about crimes within a timely manner. Trust me, they are going to get a mouthful!


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I go to college in an urban area and there is a lot of crime. My school has a great crime reporting system where everytime a crime is reported the whole student body is sent an email with the location of the crime, details of the suspect, who to call if you have any info, etc. while its not nice to get those emails... it makes me feel better to at least know where they're happening. most of the crimes are robberies of personal items. As a girl, I just make a point to not go anywhere by myself after dark, I also try to limit the expensive items I carry with me, I stick to well lit areas and areas where a lot of people are. Even with the crime.. I feel safe but I'm still weary of the random individuals walking around and I also make sure I don't listen to my Ipod so I can pay attention to what's going on around me. Hopefully your school will figure out some way to keep the student body informed of things that could potentially affect their safety.


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Portable taser... possibly keep your pepper spray on a keychain and in your hands as you walk to the dorms? Also, self defense classes. You may only weigh around 100 lbs but knowing how to initiate an attack will help you greatly.

Try to initiate a buddy system. Walk with several friends back if you can. Can you summon a security guard or one of the officers on patrol whenever you're by
yourself at night? They're there for your protection so hopefully that's a viable option.

Hope this gives you some ideas! Keep us posted on the situation.


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I live off-campus, so when I have classes at night, I make sure I get to campus before nightfall, and I take advantage of the transport van that runs on the hour in order to get back home. (It's university run and drives people back to their apartments as long as they live within a mile of campus.)


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Ladies the best thing you can do for your personal safety is be aware of your surroundings. Sounds silly but who do you think the predator wants? The girl walking with a sense of purpose with her eyes open and looking around or the one strolling along listening to her iPod? Like someone said if you are walking alone carry your pepper spray in your hands( if it's legal in your state) barring that carrying your keys in between your fist. It's a quick weapon that everyone has. Try not to be alone at night and most of all trust your guts. If something doesn't feel right pay attention and get out.


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good tips ^^^

I would have to say number 1 is to be aware!!! use the buddy system if possible, scream like hell, pepper spray. Self defense classes can help but dont get a false sense of security. An arm bar on 250 pound man is pretty damn hard to do. Fight dirty, ball kicks, eye gouging, shoot even biting if you gotta.

Tell ppl where you are going and when you expect to be back. Its easy 4 ppl to stay in touch now days and if you tell someone you're going out and expect to be back at 10pm..and your not it will give ppl a clue if something is wrong.

I personally carry a firearm on me most of the time when Im off duty (a glock 27). Im not a college student..and I dont think you can even carry on campus. Again you shouldnt get a false sense of security with a handgun but it feels pretty damn good being proficient and carrying a loaded weapon on you.

Be safe and stay sharp out there gals !


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I did a lot of martial arts as a kid and into my teens. I hope it would never come up, but I think I am more confident with that than I ever would be with pepper spray. I think everyonenshould know at least a little basic self-defense.


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i'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling great in your surroundings right now. i can imagine that it's pretty scarey for you with the attempted rapes.

but like others have said, carry around pepper spray, a tazer and also a rape alarm. make sure that you don't carry things like phone, ipod or camera in public and look alert and walk with your head held high. if you look vunerable then you are more likely to be picked on.

and agian i think the buddy system is very good for walking each other home. and make sure your door is locked, all windows are locked at all times.

i hope the person / people who are commiting the crimes are found soon and delt with by police.


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Use your fists!

But seriously, that sounds very scary! It's great that you have a buddy system and pepper spray. Be familiar with simple self-defense techniques. Groin-kicks. Poke his eyes. Elbow him in the stomach.
And RUN!


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Thank you ladies for all of the great tips! chocolategoddes, I laughed so hard when I saw that video! I am going to look into a small taser to put on my keychain in addition to the pepper spray, at least until I turn 21. Thanks again ladies!


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Anywhere at any time, bad things can happen to anyone! It's said to say, but it's the truth.
You can live in the nicest city in the world, but something bad can happen.

You can protect yourself as much as you can, but when that crazy person wants to harm you, they'll do whatever they can to get you. I've been followed home twice, at age 15 and 18. At 15, I was walking home from school in the day time. At 18, I went for a jog in the day time.

Here's a few tips (which I think some girls have mentioned above):
1. Be aware of your surroundings.
2. Don't listen to any music devices while walking on or off of campus.
3. Yes, pepper spray or a taser will temporally harm someone but are you fast enough to get it out? So walk with your keys in hand with a mini pepper spray attached.
4. If you act crazy, no one will mess with you! Lol, it sounds funny but if you scream and shout crazy things like "Come on motherf*cker! You think your crazy! I'll f*cking cut off your balls and make you eat it". I've been in so many fights, I've learned how to scare people away.
5. Do you have a roommate? Informing your roommate when you'll be home, your habits, letting him/her know if your dating someone new, etc. At least they will know if something is wrong. If your late coming home, they'll call you or search for you.
6. And, take a self defence class. Most colleges/universities offer those (on or off campus) for free.

Bottom line, sometimes you have to take care of situations by yourself. I've lived in areas where it takes cops 30 mins to get to my neighborhood.