How do you store your backups????


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i just read a thread where everybody was talking about how many back ups they get and if they get any...
but my question is how do you store it?
I store mine in my vanity, but i'm considering the freezer...

It's only powder products, no lippies or other cream-based stuff....


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My l/s, l/g and cream-based back-ups go into the freezer while my powder-based items go into a 3-tier plastic drawer I got from Walmart.
I bought the biggest one they have for clothes actually, but I like it this way since I don't like to pile my MSF's on top of each other even with the boxes.


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i got this lovely wooden chinese storage box for £10 from TK Max for all my back ups



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Speaking of which I bought some backups of Rocking Chick and a few other things.I store them in my MAC organizer drawer in the lipstick section where I have units built into our big wall unit entertainment center.I'm not worried about them going bad I'm pretty sure I'll use them way before they expire and then hopefully by then I would have found a New product to buy backups of ..I'm really looking forward to the MAC collection coming up.


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I only have 2 backups... well now officially one!

I *had* a backup of "Say, Yeah" e/s but after my first ran out I stayed away for awhile... but I just used it for the first time this week
it felt so special!

I have a real, untouched, unopened backup of "springtime skipper" e/s. I went back and bought a back-up on an impulse when I realized that it's my favorite green.... out of like 10 different greens (pig and e/s) that I own!

I keep my backup/s in a drawer right under my frequently used makeup. In that drawer I have my backup, along with e/s i'm afraid to depot. which consists of:

Springtime skipper backup
say yeah... barely used
Lure colors:
and the one that looks like seedy pearl (i forgot the name)

I've depotted everything else, and it's so much easier to use! I have these weird thoughts in the back of my mind that one day I might really need money... and they would be better in their pots & boxes


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Lipsticks and a few other emollients go in the freezer, the rest goes in a plastic storage bin that rolls and fits under the bed.

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