How does Rebel l/s look on you?


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I'm NC25, and I wore Rebel yesterday for the first time. I couldn't wait to try it -seeing how dark, pretty, and plummy it looked in the tube. I applied 2 coats and was disappointed to find that it looked like a dark fuchsia on my lips, nothing like that dark berry color I've seen on other people wearing it.


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I have the same problem w/colors like this as well! I'm NC 20 and have pretty pigmented lips which may have something to do with it. To get a more berry color I'll use a liner like Vino or Nightmoth and that seems to help.


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I bought this lipstick forever ago and it never gets used it looks terrible on me. That being said I always gravitate to it when they launch it with collections and always want it til I read the label. It looks beautiful in the tube and even swatches okay but on my pigmented lips it's just a boring berry shade. I thought it was just me who was disappointed.


It has a more purple-y tone on me as well I have light medium skin I think it only shows up vampy on darker skin tones


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It is too dark and witchy poo on me. Maybe bc I am fair and look best in warm colors?. Also my mouth is too small and I have too thin of lips to pull it off? My daughter and I swapped lipsticks. She has very dark hair and eyes. She can pull it off way better than I!


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I'm NC25 and it's very pretty on me. it doesn't look very dark like it does on the tube, more of a berry color with me. You should definitely try it!

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