How long did it take you to find a foundation that didn't piss your skin off?

miss sha

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Having been a makeup fanatic for less than four months, I'm still trying to find my product staples, namely foundations and powders! After doing pretty much nothing to my face for years and years and years, my skin is reacting badly to SOMETHING.

I've tried MAC Select SPF, Clinique Even Better, and lately even been using Everyday Minerals for the hot weather (in addition to Mac MSF Natural as a setting/mattifying powder). I've worn a full face for the past three days and have developed a couple of small clusters of headless acne on my cheeks. Sometthing similar happened with the MAC and the Clinique as well.

I intend to try MUFE Mat Velvet+ and Revlon ColorStay next since my skin is pretty oily and it's hot out but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe these little breakouts are just something I have to deal with no matter what I put on my skin. But if it's not, maybe I'll need to go through 10 different foundations until I find something that doesn't piss my face off. I thought maybe the MSFN might be doing it, but I only used my EDM foundation today and I got a pretty nasty cluster of bumps by the end of the day.

Are people out there still looking for the perfect foundation as far as not causing breakouts? Have others just accepted that maybe breakouts will happen? TMI, but my period's going to start in a couple of days so maybe that has something to do with it too.


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The monthly could be a part of it! I don't have too much trouble with foundation as I have skin so stubborn its ridiculous. It just does it's own thing. Are you washing your brushes everyday? I found that a lot of the trouble that I had at first was due to my repeated use of the sponge that comes with Studio Fix Powder (I was young and naive and didn't know any better!). I never washed it and it started to cause breakouts. Ever since I have started using brushes and cleaning them every day I have had no problems. Then again you may be one of those people who has to try 3408273 foundations to find the right one. Good luck with finding a great foundation!

miss sha

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Not daily, but I do shampoo them out weekly, and I use a quick brush cleanser to change colors for daily use.

I'm thinking Aunt Flo might be the reason for the severity, but I guess I won't know until it's over and I can go back to paying close attention to what does and doesn't cause breakouts.

Ooh, and I want to try that new Bare Minerals $18 newbie kit from Sephora. I looove EDM as a mineral foundation but who knows if that's breaking me out too. :/


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It took me a few years but I wasn't really trying.

I always used MAC foundations since I was a MAC addict, and they really didnt agree with my skin, so I tried Bare Essentials and that didnt work either. And I just got kind of discouraged. But then this year I finally found MUFE HD, and I haven't looked back. It does wonders for my skin and has never caused me to break out
Love it!

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I think powders tend to break me out more so than liquid foundation. I don't set my foundation anymore but I'm using revlon colorstay which doesn't really need to be set.

I definitely have hormonal acne that shows up around my period but I went a month without using anything on my face and still had that problem. MSFs break me out for sure!! Ever since I've stopped using them, my t-zone has cleared up.

Honestly, Ive had a lot of problems with mac products so I tend to stay away from their face products now though I love their lip stuff and some of their e/s. Revlon is a new foundation for me and I haven't noticed any breakouts yet but I definitely didn't break out while using MUFE HD- I even slept in it without problems a few times.

Did you have problems before using make-up? If you didn't, you definitely need to refine your product choices and pinpoint the problem. Make-up shoudn't cause acne!


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I stopped looking when I found my perfect match...assuming that all foundations make me more susceptible to breakouts, I simply use them less often and take precautions when I do (mint julep masque before bed, etc). Took me a few months to find my perfect match.


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Well, I looked for a very long time and here's what I learned.

For me it was a combination of things and the sunscreen in foundations was part of the problem. In particular, my skin has an issue with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. So, I have to either forego foundations with sunscreen and rely on my moisturizer or look for foundations with an in-part avobenzene sunscreen. Problem is, avobenzene is a more expensive ingredient for moisturizers and for foundations. What that means is, it completely rules out a drug store foundation and it rules out a lot of drug store moisturizers, but not all.

The other part, which I found was really helpful was choosing the right skin care products. For example, I used accutane years ago for cystic acne. Using a good glycolic acid product on a daily basis (neutrogena has a very inexpensive option) will keep the exfoliation in check. And in all honesty there's only so much a foundation can do - I have melasma so if I can have smooth skin that means there's less work for my foundation to do.

Foundations that have "worked" for me and not pissed my skin off - Bobbi Brown oil free compact, Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, Laura Mercier Silk Creme, MAC Studio Fix Powder.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder is the bomb. totally worth the money and you get an outstanding amount of product. There is a new powder from MAC that has cornstarch in it which is a no-no for acne prone skin.

My skin isn't perfect - just thought I'd throw that in there and I don't use department store skin care other than my daily moisturizer.


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I have tried some different brands, and found out that MAC Studio Fluid didn't work well for my skin. But now I'm trying out a foundation from the Bodyshop, and think it's working well. However, I have tried YSL Perfect Touch, Loreal True Match (and a few from Clinique, but they were wrong cause of the colour, not necessary a skinreaction).

But now I stick with Bodyshop for a while, and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.


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Still searching!!! I have been wearing MAC Studio Fix Powder for years and it's OK. Last year, I wanted to find my HG liquid foundation, so I tried MAC's SFF and my skin DID NOT like it at all. I am still trying to get my skin back to where it was pre-SFF. It took me awhile to figure out that's what was causing the breakout. I got a sample of MUFE Face and Body from Sephora a couple of months ago and had a not so good reaction to that as well....who knows maybe I should just stick to powders?!?!?


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I am still searching for my perfect foundation -- if foundations were men, I would be a cheap slut


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Hmm.. I've used alot of foundations, but simply because I wanted to try different brands/coverages.. I don't have any problem with face stuff But I'm addicted to the one I use now and don't have any intentions of changing it.


It took me around 5 or 6 years of experimenting ahh lol
My skin has liked Bare Minerals, Studio Fix Fluid & Revlon Colorstay.

It's normal for me to develop acne/rashes when I start using a new foundation. It happened when I used MAC but I started to wash my skin more and problem solved.


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Just adding to what was said already:

Sometimes your skin needs to adjust to what you're using. Especially if you're changing around things for experimentation's sake! Give it a week and if you're skin is heading for the dumps, well... you'll know what you're using is no good =]


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I've been lucky in that I don't break out when trying a new foundation. It's just finding one that suits my combo skin (oily T-zone but dry around my chin area) with the coverage I want. I've played around with moisturizers and primers and found that they make a big difference as well.

I've tried Clinique Soft Finish, MAC Hyperreal, BE, Stila, and Revlon Colorstay. I'm alternating Colorstay and BE, depending on what kind of coverage I'm needing that day, and both work well. I also use MAC MSFN by itself on my extra lazy days too.

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