How long/ Follow Up Interview


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Hi guys!
I searched all over the forum but I couldn't find an answer to my question!
I was recently interview(the 1st one in person) for a position with MAC

I'm really anxious. They were interviewing people during the whole week and the manager said they would call back for the demo interview to the one they were interested. My question is... how long usually it takes for them to call you for the demo interview after you've been interview in person??
Also... would you guys recommend to follow up with the manager thanking her for the first interview???

Please let me know!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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I don't know about how long you should expect to wait if they interviewed a lot of people, but you should definetly thank the manager for the interview, it is a nice thing to do and even if you don't get the job, if you reapply later she may remember how polite you were. I hope you get the job, good luck!


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ohh i sure know how it feels to wait n wait bc the suspense is a killer. I waited about 3 weeks for them to give me a call back. I definetly recommend for you to call and just follow up it will show the managers you are interested. I hope you get the position!! good luck


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babyjazy21 It feels reeeeeally bad! I can't hardly wait anymore and it's only been barely a week. :/
I did follow up the interview now Im just gonna sit and wait

Thanks for the advice!