How many years of experience?


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How many years of retail experience do they expect from someone to hire them at MAC? I just applied there and really hope I can get the job. She said she'd call me monday or tuesday, but I'm really nervous that they won't take me seriously. I tend to have that problem a lot, but I explained to her how much experience I have with make up and that it would help me sell better.
I have some retail experience, but not a lot. I already help them sell as it is, everybody at my club is always asking me to buy stuff for them the next time I go to the counter.


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it really depends on what the counter needs and who the managers are looking for. i have nothing but retail experience, but a girl i work with was a waitress and got hired at mac. so it all depends on you and your personality. you might not have alot of retail but you could be really fun and bubbly, and that might be what the counter needs. always try, you never know!