how much is your MAC collection worth?


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i have been collecting since may/june of 2005, and my collection is now worth (calculated everything on an excel spreadsheet): $4,798.55. i used to have every MSF mac ever made, and have sold a lot. but still! tons of money, haha.


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OOh this reminds me that I need to update my spreadsheet. It has the product type, colour name, colour family, finish, quantity & value.. then it totals up. I haven't updated it in months.

The last time I did, it was well over £2,000 ($3000) & it has grown quite a bit since then. To be fair, I have to pay UK prices ($17.50 for a lipstick & $27 for a MSF)


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My MAC collection is not that big. I just counted and it is worth CAD$ 2,214 (USD$ 2,134.26).


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i've been collecting mac for about 5-6 years and once at work we did a rough estimate as to how much i had spend on mac... it was a rather large total but luckily it was reasonably on target with my £50 a month budget.


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I've been collecting for about two years. I calculated today and my collection currently stands at $2800. That excludes things I've given away or thrown out.