How much to charge?


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So, I am starting my own make up business. But, I don't know how much to charge. Info, I am a college student, I deal with mostly college students, so keeping that in mind..what should be my price breakdown?

Oh, I also live in LA.



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Well I suppose that will depend on what all you plan to offer & your location. Such as: Consultation, Natural, Day, Evening, Special Occasion, Wedding, etc. Small things like full lashes or individuals; lash & brow tinting. Personal shopping. Makeup wardrobing.
Some things you could do an hourly charge for and others a fixed rate.
Since you'll be in the LA area you'll be able to charge a bit of a higher price (even though it is a collge crowd) than say someone in Memphis.
Post up a list of what you'll be offering so we have a better idea of what you're asking for


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Thanks for moving the thread. lol I couldn't find it and than I forgot about

Yea, I figured I would have a price list that was very specific. So I am in the process of creating it. I will have a price liste for clients that know me through school (other college students). This one will be broken down in terms of looks. If you just want the simple 3 shadow eye(lid color, crease color, highlighter), than thats going to be cheaper than if you want something more intricate like vertical shadows(not hard to do, but different) charge if you want foundation or just a powder. For the college students I will break it down like this because we are extremely picky.

However the other clients, there will be a flat charge for my services and depending on the event it may go by the hour. When I have this together I'll post them both.

What do you think about my two price list good or bad idea? or should I stick to one?

Right now I am in the process of getting my business registered with the city etc..trying to figure out if I just what a FBN or go LLC.



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I'm bumping this yet again because I'm in the process of starting a buisness too, but I'm in high school so I'll be charging even less. Would you mind letting me know when you come up with a list? My email is [email protected]. I'd love to hear from someone who's doing the same thing, although it sounds to me like you're a lot further ahead than I am. Thanks!


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Hi there,

I'm going through this process too. I looked around at other MUA websites to see how they charged different services in comparison to other services they offered. Also gave me good ideas on travel, extras, other people added (Wedding party), contracts, and gifts (face powder and lipstick for the day of wedding). I also read elsewhere that it is a good idea to have everyting written out in the contract that the customer signs, but I think this is mostly for weddings and very big special events. Also talked about deposits etc.



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how much are people generally charging for weddings? and how is it being worked out??? I really need to find out also because i have a wedding planner on my back wanting to book me but im confuzzled about prices!!!!
please help!


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ballerino - send a PM to lara - not only does she do a lot of weddings but she's based in Australia too in Sydney. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to help you.

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