How should I do my setup?


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Hi everyone..

So, we're in the process of cleaning out my basement. I want to set up a space for my makeup. It's something I've wanted to do for forever so it's really important to me.

I already have storage for my makeup I'd just like any ideas on the overall setup. I'm still going to have a small vanity in my bedroom. The downstairs area will be used more for when I'm trying out looks, getting ready, etc. My everyday makeup etc will still all be done upstairs.

Any ideas or professional set up pictures would be great. Thanks!


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Well if you already have your own vanity area upstairs i would probably make the downstairs one a little bit more funky. More like a dressing room! I would definitly get some of those old hollywood style backstage dressing table lights and then get one of those room dividers to add a bit of glamour! I would make it boirdoirish and depending on what you like frame some bit pictures of glamours photoshots. It really is hard to say as everyone has different tastes and interests. You could go really modern and edgy or you could do it a bit retro/vintage. Or mix it up and do a bit of both. What about one of those lovely sofa lounge things where people have them in boirdoir homes: something like this:
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