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How to apply blush...


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Hi there!

I have asian skin and Im always use to putting bronzer on but i wanted to try the pink-ish/rose coloured blush so i bought one from the maybelline range.. I thought applying it wouldnt be too hard but theres something that just doesnt look right.. i dont think its the colour because its the same colour I would turn naturally if i blushed but the way I apply it...
Pictures would be great..!!


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Check out some tutorials and FOTD's to get ideas. There are several Asian ladies here check them out.


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Make sure you're using a good brush and that you really blend it well. Locate your cheek bones by sucking in your lips and get a feel for the proper placement. What I do is brush the blush toward my hair line and build onto the color...then I buff it out and blend it. I'm not asian, but I think if you do this you will have flawless blush. If it looks too heavy, continue to blend. If I still don't like how it looks, I take a sponge with a slight trace of foundation or powder and use it to touch up. I'm no expert so don't take my word for it! There are many talented ladies on this site...like the above poster mentioned, I would check out the tuts here or on you tube and the FOTDs. Hope that helps!

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