How to apply msf's as cheek highlight?


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I have a horrible time trying to apply my soft & gentle msf as my cheek highlight.
Do I pat it on or do I swipe it, swirl it? What kind of brush? What placement-apples of cheeks? Under eye but above apples?

I see so many photos with perfect highlighted cheeks and I want to be able to apply my msf like that : D


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What's your face shape? Believe it or not, highlight and contour placement will differ, depending on your face shape. Here's an old tutorial from oxfordjasmine where she explains things... [video][/video] For how you apply it and which brush you use, that's totally up to you. If I want to highlight with a powder, I use a fan brush (if you're insistent on MAC, theirs is the 184; the one I have is Smashbox #22) and sweep it where I want to place it, then blend it out. You can also use a stippling brush (e.g., 188), or a large eyeshadow brush (e.g., 227 or 287 for a flat shape; 225 (discontinued) or Inglot 4SS for a dome shape).

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